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About The Book Series

Stereotypes seduced women affectionately holding each other around the waist and neckLove to Love books began with one short story. The author Tennille Owens wrote Stereotypes Seduced during a period of reflection. She then sent it to a few friends who asked her to write another book. After writing a few titles and selling them on Kindle, Tennille realized that she had a lot to share with her readers. In turn, her readers share a lot with her.

To satisfy the readers of her books, Tennille Owens started Love To Love Books. These weekly short stories are available on Kindle on Tuesdays.

“I love you.”

These three words are said many times in the course of our life. We say it to family members, best friends, and lovers. We spend time rejoicing with the people we love and crying over lost loved ones.

Whether we are in love or overcome with lust is a question we ponder when we venture into romantic relationships. We handle these love relationships differently from the love shared between family members and friends.

Love to Love Books, Atlanta’s lesbian romance short story series sparks conversation about the meaning of love, the definition of love, and women who are trying to find these things in their own life.

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